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+++ wir haben vom 3.4. bis 21.4.2023 Betriebsferien +++
++++ we are on holiday from April 3rd to 21st 2023 ++++

Links to partner sites

Doehler & Haass and MTTM (Modelrailway Technic Team Munich), are two cooperating manufacturers for digital components.

VELMO decoders use the ASIC and the software of the DH10C decoders of  Doehler & Haass.

Rautenhaus Digital is the company Modellbahntechnik Gerhard Rautenhaus** in Syke, Germany.
A complete range products to get a SelecTRIX* system is available here.

Great, the locos and wagons of SMZ. They created a lot of new variants by reprinting the locos and wagons.
The Highlight of all is their own developed ÖBB1044 and ÖBB2143!.

The all including homepage for Z-gauge is Jens Wimmels’ ZettZeit. Here you can find nearly everybody and everything around the Z-gauge, own products, many ideas and so much more...

Allways a great experience:
The meetings of the menbers of the Märklin Insider Stammtisch, also called 
MIST55 near Mainz.

Here you can find many Z-Friends dicussing about everything, many pictures and ideas: Z-Friends-Europe and Z-Friends-International.

And last but not least: Just have a look at my own model railway and my YouTube channel.

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*) Märklin and SelecTRIX are registered trademarks of Gebr. Märklin & Cie. GmbH, Postfach 860, D-73008 Göppingen, Germany

**) Rautenhaus is a registered trademark of Rautenhaus Modellbahntechnik; Bürgermeister-Mävers-Str. 2a; 28857 Syke, Germany