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+++ wir haben Betriebsferien vom 20. Dez. 2018 bis 6. Jan. 2019 +++
++++++ we are on holiday from Dec. 20th 2018 to Jan. 6th 2019 +++++

Links to partner sites

Doehler & Haass and MTTM (Modelrailway Technic Team Munich), are two cooperating manufacturers for digital components. They offer the Future Central Control (FCC) that is available in a special Z-scale version. VELMO decoders use the ASIC and the software of the DH10C decoders of  Doehler & Haass.

Rautenhaus Digital is the company Modellbahntechnik Gerhard Rautenhaus** in Syke, Germany.
A complete range products to get a SelecTRIX* system is available here.

Passmann Modellbahnzubehör is expert for waggon ilumination and locomotive decoders. The distribution of the VELMO Selectrix decoders and adapterboards in Germany is possible with the friendly permission of Oliver Passmann.

Great, the locos and wagons of SMZ. They created a lot of new variants by reprinting the locos and wagons.
The Highlight of all is their own developed ÖBB1044 and ÖBB2143!.

The all including homepage for Z-gauge is Jens Wimmels’ ZettZeit. Here you can find nearly everybody and everything around the Z-gauge, own products, many ideas and so much more...

Allways a great experience:
The meetings of the menbers of the Märklin Insider Stammtisch, also called 
MIST55 near Mainz.

Here you can find many Z-Friends dicussing about everything, many pictures and ideas: Z-Friends-Europe and Z-Friends-International.

And last but not least: Just have a look at my own model railway and my YouTube channel.

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*) Märklin and SelecTRIX are registered trademarks of Gebr. Märklin & Cie. GmbH, Postfach 860, D-73008 Göppingen, Germany

**) Rautenhaus is a registered trademark of Rautenhaus Modellbahntechnik; Bürgermeister-Mävers-Str. 2a; 28857 Syke, Germany