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Here, you can choose the right decoder for your type of train or locomotive, the right order number and the features and price of each decoder.

If you already know, which type of decoder you need or even want to figure out the type of decoder by the class, type or baureihe, then you find a list of all decoders under the heading Part Numbers. Here are also all prices and features of the decoders and further products listed.

Under the heading Cross Reference, you can find a list, that is sorted by the Märklin* part numbers showing the appropriate type of decoder.

How is the order number of the VELMO decoders structured?
The first letter "L" means locodecoder, the letter “S” sound-locomotivedecoder and the letter “F” means funktiondecoder.
The second letter "D" means DCC, the combination “DS” means DCC and SelecTRIX* Multiprotocol.
The next number-combination is the same like the number on most of the original circuit boards of the locomotives. At functiondecoders, a short text describes the type of train instead of a number (e.g. SBAHN or ICEXP).

With this information, you can find out the right decoder for your locomotive in some special cases. Especially the BR103, the BR151 and the SBB Ae6/6 can contain different curcuit boards, depending on the year of manufacture of the locomotive.

You want to place an order or a request?

Just write an Email with all your wishes and questions to:

*) Märklin and SelecTRIX are registered trademarks of Gebr. Märklin & Cie. GmbH, Postfach 860, D-73008 Göppingen, Germany