Claudius Veit

+++ Wir haben vom 1.4. bis 7.4.2024 Betriebsferien +++
+++ We have company holidays from 1.4. to 7.4.2024 +++

On our technology pages, you can find the technical datasheet and features of the locomotive decoders, the sound-locomotivedecoders, the function decoders and a mounting example that shows how easy it is to install a VELMO decoder into a locomotive.

Furthermore, under the heading track voltage, you can find the explanation, what exactly track voltage means and why it is important to adjust it to the special requirements of the Z scale locomotives.

If you have further questions or you just want to know more about the first steps into the digital world, than you can find some answers on our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page.

If your question is not answered on the FAQ page, please feel free to write an Email.